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Monday, June 05, 2017
Misplaced Scripts and Links
Blog Entry #375

So, each and every one of my <iframe>-framed demos is back on track: the 'Mischief the talking cat' image map demo of Blog Entry #124, the falling hearts of snow demo of Blog Entry #270, the shopping cart demo of Blog Entry #302, they're all there. Also, I have now embedded in their respective posts the pre-Blog Entry #59 off-site demos that I formerly linked to but did not display, e.g., the image properties demo of Blog Entry #15. Rendering-wise, my retooled demos give you just what the original ones gave you in the overwhelming majority of cases, the odd difference notwithstanding.

One thing you generally won't get with my new demos is a "Check the page source for the full coding"-type sentence, and there's a reason for that: I cannot in good faith recommend my retooled demo code in that it necessarily commingles structure, presentation, and behavior, which are best kept separate from one another; be that as it may, there's nothing stopping you from extracting that code and putting it under the microscope yourself, and you are in fact welcome to do just that.

Hmmm, let me see, what else did I restore? Oh yeah...

Iframe scripts

For about 30 posts I had placed the 'script du jour' in an iframe.

<iframe width="85%" height="250" src="" frameborder="1" scrolling="yes">If your browser does not support iframes, you may access the script by following the preceding link to the jumpfocuscode.html page.</iframe>

• This mode of display was used with longer scripts, for which the iframe scrolling value was either left at its auto default or set to yes.
• The script code was wrapped in a <pre> element so as to preserve its newlines, empty line boxes, and indentation.
• The iframe width was sometimes set to ≤ 85% to prevent the iframe from bumping into the "About Me" (id="main") div in the upper-right part of the page.

These scripts similarly went up in smoke upon cutting ties with EarthLink; fortunately, exchanging their iframe frames for analogous divs

<div style="width:73%;height:250px;border:inset 1px;overflow:auto;padding:0px 8px;"> ... </div>

went smoothly.

• The overflow:auto; declaration equips the div with scrollbars if they are needed.
• The div's padding-top and padding-bottom are kept at 0px (their initial value) and its padding-left is set to 8px as the pre element has an intrinsic vspace but doesn't have any hspace.

My approach to presenting code is reasonably settled at this point. I began marking it up with the <code> element and coloring it teal in the wake of going from a Classic Mac to an Intel Mac in late 2008; a little over a year later I began indenting block statements (the bodies of functions, if...else conditionals, etc.) by a tab although I now prefer a 'half-tab' (four monospace spaces) for this purpose. I don't display an entire script in one go anymore unless it's a short one.

Dead links

It wasn't my intention to repair the dead links in my posts at the outset of all of this. Encountering dead links is part and parcel of being a Web surfer, after all; moreover, if you've got what it takes to slog through my posts, then you should be up to the task of tracking down alternative citations as needs be. However, about halfway through my efforts a set of triggers spurred me to start repairing them:
(a) I felt a need to have a live link to the Netscape example that underpins the animation demo of Blog Entry #147.
(b) Upon reaching those posts dealing with HTML Goodies' "Opening New Windows With JavaScript" tutorials I discovered that the tutorials' portal page is gone.
(c) I relatedly discovered that the current HTML Goodies Beyond HTML : JavaScript sector bears no resemblance to the Beyond HTML : JavaScript sector I had been working through.
(d) Lastly, I was getting sick and tired of running into Forbidden links to sections in the JavaScript 1.3 Client-Side Guide and Reference.

So from circa Blog Entry #160 onward, most or all of my links will now take you to where you are supposed to go. Also, the links in Blog Entries #12-32 (excepting my entry on Hurricane Katrina) are now all live - I cleaned them up in the course of restoring my pre-Blog Entry #59 demos. Some of my new links point to current resources although many of them point to archived copies of their original targets. There are still plenty of dead links in my other older entries and I may go after them at a future point.
We are finally ready to pick up from where we left off last year and get back to the Java Goodies Calendars, Clocks, and Calculators sector for at least a little while longer. Before doing that, however, we will in the next entry take care of some unfinished business by restaging the demo that used to be in HTML Goodies' "How To Use the JavaScript Lightbox Image Viewer" tutorial.

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