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Wednesday, June 04, 2008
Second Intermission
Blog Entry #115

Man, I'm not quite sure what's going on over at HTML Goodies these days. I don't believe Joe Burns has a connection with the site anymore (besides an historical connection, of course). Joe's bio in the About HTML Goodies sector is gone and he last wrote a Goodies to Go newsletter in August 2002 (Newsletter #195 - read it here); for that matter, the Goodies to Go newsletter series fizzled out entirely in June 2006. Moreover, most (all?) of the recent 'new' articles at HTML Goodies have been recycled from newsletters. At least the discussion forum at the bottom of the page is still active.

In any case, we've now burned through HTML Goodies' JavaScript Primers (more specifically, the original primers written by Andree Growney and Joe) and Script Tips per the game plan of my very first blog entry. What's next to go under the microscope?
For the short term:
(1) We will check over some (not all) of the tutorials in HTML Goodies' Beyond HTML : JavaScript sector, with an emphasis on those tutorials that present new concepts and/or allow for cool demos.
Further into the future:
(2) We owe it to ourselves to go through some of the interesting example scripts in Part 2 of Netscape's "Dynamic HTML in Netscape Communicator" resource.
(3) Lee Underwood of recommends The JavaScript Source, ScriptSearch, and '' as sources of JavaScript scripts to analyze.
(4) Most ambitiously, perhaps it's time I start learning a new programming language; in particular, I'm thinking about tucking into C.

So with no further ado, the next post will kick off our tour of the Beyond HTML : JavaScript sector. We'll begin at the bottom of the page with a look at Vince Barnes' "A Case for A Case" article, which will introduce us to the JavaScript switch statement. (Vince wrote the very last Goodies to Go newsletter - I'm not sure he's still at HTML Goodies either.)


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