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Tuesday, September 26, 2006
First Intermission
Blog Entry #52

HTML Goodies' JavaScript Primers #30 contains no scripts but is a 'commencement address' of sorts in which Joe waxes philosophical on the primers series and on teaching and learning in general. Joe also in Primer #30 hawks his book JavaScript Goodies, although his link thereto is broken; the current Barnes & Noble* page for the second (2001) edition of JavaScript Goodies is here.
(*Joe's link points to a page at, which was purchased by Barnes & Noble in 2000.)

With respect to further JavaScript instruction, Joe recommends that we tuck into HTML Goodies' Beyond HTML : JavaScript tutorials. We may well tackle some of these tutorials in the future, but for the time being, we will move next to a discussion of the HTML Goodies JavaScript Script Tips, as parenthetically noted in my first blog entry.

The Script Tips examine, in varying degrees of detail, about 30 JavaScript scripts over the course of 93 "tip" articles; each script spans 1-5 tips. More so than the primers we've covered heretofore, these tips are meant to bring us out of the ivory tower and provide real-world examples of useful things we can do with JavaScript. The tip scripts include, for example, a guestbook script, a calculator script, a guitar chord script, and two different digital clock scripts - some good stuff is on tap here, even if it needs to be cleaned up a bit.

In the next post, then, we'll start our Script Tip odyssey by checking over Script Tips #1-4, which collectively discuss two small snippets of code. These first tips begin very simply, but IMO, it will still be worthwhile to catalogue their contents, comment on them, and review some fundamental aspects of JavaScript that I myself was unaware of when I launched this blog.


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